About Us

Captain Larry and wife Bonnie spent 3 ½ years sailing the Eastern Caribbean from Florida to Venezuela onboard their 43’ catamaran RadioFlyer, stopping at nearly all of the 800 islands in the Caribbean. With over 30,000 career miles of open ocean experience, they combine their boating expertise with the beauty of the Virgin Islands to provide their guests an unforgettable day charter experience. Captain Larry, who holds a 100 ton Merchant Marine License issued by the U.S. Coast Guard, not only makes sure you have a great time, but keeps your safety a priority.

During their extensive cruising experiences, they found the Virgin Islands to be the most stunning and welcoming in the Caribbean and made St. Thomas their home. In 2008, they started RadioFlyer Catamaran Charters with their 43’ sailing catamaran. Guests loved the spaciousness and the smooth, stable ride the “cat” offered; however, there were too many great places to see just out of range for a day sailboat charter.

Striving to provide great customer service with more diverse destinations, they purchased a 36’ power catamaran with the same benefits of their sailing cat, offering a spacious, smooth and stable ride, and named her IslandFlyer.

IslandFlyer's predecessor RadioFlyer
talking to captain larry on the islandflyer
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