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36' Blue Planet Power Catamaran

Island Flyer provides the smooth, flat, stable ride of a sailing catamaran, with the speed of a powerboat, allowing for a very comfortable ride to all the great places to see. At 36’ long and 16’ wide and a maximum of 12 passengers, there’s plenty of room for everyone. All seating is out in the open air, so you can bask in the sun or find shade under the extra-large canopy, custom made for touring the Virgin Islands. The sun in the Virgin Islands is STRONG. We have seating for 12 in the shade so guests are less likely to get a sunburn!


Passengers enjoy complete comfort with Island Flyer’s amenities, including a private toiletfresh water shower rinse after snorkeling and room below deck to change and store your things. With sterns very low to the water and extra-long swim ladders, getting in and out of the water is a breeze, regardless of age or fitness level.


Island Flyer is fully licensed, insured and meets very stringent safety standards.  You’ll not only have a great time, but you’ll know your safety is a priority.

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